NCAA Football 07 – 360 – Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Football 2007 marks the series first entry on the Xbox 360, meaning that it is
the first next-gen college football to gear up for the market. It will also be
quite the smashing entry, as the game will now have an insane amount of
meticulous details, including realistic stadiums that are practically bursting
at the seams with authentic details. NCAA Football 2007 will feature 119 teams
and many actual stadiums, and is getting ready to be the most authentic college
football game ever.

I can’t
stress this enough, NCAA Football 2007 will feature a crazy amount of detail and
authenticity for each stadium. A scout was sent out to tons of different A-1
Division colleges all throughout the nation to pick up every nuanced detail,
albeit however minute, and incorporated into the look of the game. We’re not
just talking about fight songs and turf here; the game will have 3D crowds that
act dynamically, accurate stands with seating areas for the visiting team (all
decked out in their school’s color), dancing mascots that are constantly moving
and interacting with the audience even when the game isn’t focusing on them,
fully 3D bands that play (the audience will actually do moves unique to their
school, like Florida’s “gator chomp”), even the parking lot outside can be
accurately perceived. NCAA will be able to really make you feel like you are in
the actual stadium more than any college football game before it.

NCAA Football 07 Xbox 360 screenshots

Some of
the new gameplay features that will be offered in NCAA Football 2007 are more
depth in the mini-games, including new modes like tug o’ war and bowling. Tug o’
war, for example, is a back and forth scrimmage ending when one team gets a
touchdown, making for some intense gameplay moments. Plus you can now switch
mini-games on the fly, taking out the unnecessary menu surfing and keeping you
in the game.

is a new photo album mode that lets you take a snapshot from a replay and save
it either to your hard drive or memory card, allowing you to rub your
friend/family member’s nose in it at a later time.

Graphically, the Xbox 360 version of the game is shaping up to be quite superb,
with a whopping 20,000 polygons per player and unique details for each of them.
The game will feature some of the most detailed helmets in any football game, be
it college or otherwise. Players will put decals on their helmets much like the
actual athletes. Players will also have realistic scuffs on their helmets, and
by realistic I mean that while a linebacker may have a ton of scratches and
scuffs on his helmet, a punter will have none.

Football is turning out to be a great looking and incredibly authentic gameplay
experience that no college football fan will want to miss out on.


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