NBA JAM – PS2 – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look


Jam became one of the biggest arcade-style sports games of all time when it was released nearly a
decade ago.  The three-on-three over the top basketball action took in millions in quarters in the
arcades and was a top-seller when it hit the consoles.  Acclaim is bringing the spirit of NBA Jam
back in October to the PS2 and Xbox with updated rosters, the same insane gameplay, and tons of


basic gameplay of the original NBA Jam has been preserved in the new version.  The emphasis is still
on spectacular scoring, physics-defying dunks, and razzle-dazzle ball handling.  The controls are
simple enough so even a JV basketball player can look like a playground legend.  Hot players can
still get “on fire”, engulfing their bodies and shots in flames, searing the nylon and dominating
opponents.  NBA Jam features all the current NBA rosters, feature all 29 NBA teams, and boasts 300
playable players, including 50 legends players.


of the innovative features of the original NBA Jam was the outrageous number of secret codes,
cheats, and characters.  The new NBA Jam has tons of easter eggs to hunt for such as the loveable
big head mode, which increases baller’s noggins to unhealthy proportions.  Points for performing
special maneuvers and winning matches can be redeemed at the NBA Jam store in the game to unlock
various items of apparel such as throwback jerseys, fly new kicks, and even NBA player-specific
items such as Baron Davis’ headband. 


Special attention was also given to the audio of the new NBA Jam.  The original voice of NBA Jam,
Tim Kitzrow rejoins the NBA Jam team to bellow out his trademark “He’s on fire!” and provide
humorous commentary.  Gamers can choose different eras to play basketball in, and the music will
reflect the time period.  Tracks from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s are in the game to really bring the
atmosphere of the time around. 


Other features include over 700 motion captured dunk animations, a create-a-player mode, and four
player multiplayer support. 


Jam hits stores in October.