Namco Bandai GGD 2012: Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (PC) preview

I have a dream, where gamers — PC and console alike — are free to die 200 times in one game. I have a dream, where incredibly hard bosses are overcome with little more than a stamina bar and trial and error. I have a dream — okay, so it's not a dream. It is reality.

At Namco Bandai's Global Gamer's Day in Las Vegas last week, one of their games being shown off was Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. They know what their game does to players. It kills them. Except this time those players are PC gamers, not console gamers. That's right, the Prepare to Die Edition is for PC. With over 250 million deaths over three months caused by Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of Dark Souls) is ready to bring the torture to PC.

Dark Souls Prepare to die edition pc boss

Fans' voices have been heard, including from on online petition, and that's the reason for some new content that is exclusive to the PC version. While Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is a complete port of the console version with no big changes, there is exclusive content for the PC. The new content is four new bosses, four new stages, some new player equipment, and a new bonus stage for PvP, but there's more to come on that at a later date. We asked if the bonus content was coming to consoles as DLC, but they had nothing to say on the matter. The bonus content has you playing as Artorias, and it takes place prior to the events in Dark Souls.

While they didn't have a build for us to play, we were able to watch them play a build that was 70 – 80 percent complete while asking them some questions about the game. The game's visuals looked to be on par with the consoles, but as far as recommended specs, there is an official announcement to come. From what I saw, combat and movement all looked smooth and framerate looked stable. Also, the platform for distribution on PC is to be determined, so those freaking out when they saw the Windows Live logo on the box art, none of that is official…yet. Keep holding out for Steam if you can.

dark souls enemy

Since it is mainly a port of the console version, Dark Souls will work best with a game pad. It's hard to create a good control scheme with a keyboard and mouse, so get those game pads ready. Also, due to it being a port, there is not support for modding at the time.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is coming to the PC on August 24, 2012. Stay tuned for more information in the months to come.

You can also read our interview with Director of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, here.


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