Nail’d Preview

Have you ever wanted to ride an ATV or MX bike at blazing speeds? If so, Deep Silvers’s Nail’d delivers just that: High octane races with death-defying stunts.

What could be best described as Pure meets Split/Second, Nail’d is a wonderful racer that focuses on the speed aspect more so than the stunts. To make things even more complicated, there are hazards around every corner such as planes landing on the very airstrip players are racing on. Based on real-life locations, such as the Mojave Desert, Nail’d is as enthralling as it is daring to see in action.

Throughout the demonstration, the rider would narrowly miss oncoming trains, dart in and out between herds of deer, and jump over gigantic mountains in effort to gain a boost. Boosts are scattered all throughout the levels, both in the air and on the ground to assist players in reaching supersonic speeds to win the race. It’s truly is exciting to see in action due to all the background action that occurs such as a helicopter flying in over a jump that players have to avoid.

To gain speed on the ground without boosts, players can bump into opponents and perform wheelies to get a jump on the competition. With no other stunts implemented into the game, it’s all about getting to the finish line first. Throwing in alternate routes in the design, players will be all over the beautiful landscape jetting to the checkered flag.

Having more than 10 environments and customizable riders, motocross, and ATVs, Nail’d is shaping up to be a solid addition to the racer genre. While online multiplayer is still in the working stages and hasn’t been announced (outside of the inclusion of leaderboards), it’s a guaranteed feature for the Q4 release of Nail’d.