Nail’d Hands-on Impressions

Taking a look back at the fonder days of arcade racing, one can only appreciate the simple nature of titles such as Jet Moto and even the beautiful, yet exaggerated, SSX. So it’s a great surprise when Deep Silver and Techland handed off their latest preview build of Nail’d and it was able to capture what made arcade racers so special back in the day. If there’s one racer showing a true sense of ambition when it comes to delivering adrenaline pumping action, it’s Nail’d.

Upon the loading of title, it was immediately apparent that Nail’d had enough attitude to spread between a dozen games. Whether it was jumping through rings of fire to build up the boost meter or jockeying for position against a rider and eventually slamming them into a tree, Nail’d provides an atmosphere of mayhem that allows it to breathe new life into the genre.

Playing several hours of Nail’d also presented another aspect that I haven’t experienced since my youth: an extreme amount of metal and hard rock music. The soundtrack is exactly what is to be expected from an extreme sports racer, but that’s certainly not a shortcoming as it should inspire its audience to throw up their rock fist and delve deeper into the single-player tournaments.

Presenting players with 14 tournaments, the single-player portion should offer a high amount of replay value to keep players returning for more. Within the first tournament, players will experience six races and see the sights and sounds of a Western-themed environment with valleys and ridges riddling the track with trains on a nonstop circuit. In one odd instance, my rider was able to physically drive on the side of a train as if the ATV was inhabited by the spirit of Spider-Man.

While the title definitely resides in the area of crazy, the features to expand the longevity are much closer to expectations. Players are able change up their rider’s gender, pattern and suit of clothing, and style. In addition, the ATVs and MX bikes are customizable with parts interchangeable for the body, shocks, exhaust, wheels, engine, paint jobs, colors, and handle bars. Changing out the normal exhaust with the Mantis exhaust adds to the boost regeneration while taking away two for the boost capacity. It’s here that players will ultimately decide what type of driver they are as each vehicle is rated on steering on the ground and in the air, vehicle acceleration, and boost regeneration, capacity and acceleration.

Racing against 11 AI players, the races were often hectic with an extraordinary amount of collisions that brought forth laughter for the destruction that was taking place. If there’s one thing that should instill humor in any situation, its physical comedy and Nail’d has it in droves.

Set to release on October 19, Nail’d should entertain those who are looking to fill that void of havoc in their life.