Mushroom Men – Spore Wars – WII – Preview

PAX 2008 Preview

Mushroom Men is a unique action platformer from
Red Fly Studios. Putting you in the shoes of a fighting fungus, you must battle
against mutated rabbits, spiders and the like with a huge array of weapons and
special abilities at your disposal. At this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, GameZone
was on hand to try out the game and check its progress, and the results
showcased a solid platformer with some really interesting elements.

In the demo build of Mushroom Men, we had to
navigate through a large world complete with environmental objects like a huge
motorcycle and various mundane objects made large by our character’s tiny
stature. However, while our avatar was tiny, he still packed a punch, beating
his foes with a variety of weapons, from bashing weapons and stabbing weapons to
a few special ones, like a mock lightsaber.

Aside from the weapons, you’ll also have some
special items at your disposal, including a sticky hand that lets you grapple up
to higher surfaces and a special kind of telekinesis, called Sporekinesis, where
you can point the Wii-mote and manipulate certain objects in the environment.
This helps when taking out the giant mutant rabbits, as you can solve an easy
environmental puzzles by moving items around and using them against the rabbits.

Graphically, Mushroom Men: Spore Wars is a pretty
good looking Wii title, with some impressive character models and detailed
environments to explore. The art design is a bit on the weird side as you could
expect, and creates an excellent sense of atmosphere. On the music side of
things, Mushroom Men will feature a few songs by Les Claypool, lending an extra
bit of oddness to the game.

While the game does have some glaring issues at
this stage, like a problematic camera, if these issues get cleaned up, then the
game should be an interesting platformer when it launches this fall.

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