Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – PSP – Preview

the third installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter
Freedom Unite for the PSP promises to be bigger, better and now with 100%
more cat hair. It’s a bold claim, indeed, but it’s no surprise that Capcom has
definitely delivered on their promise. So far, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is looking like another reason our PSP will feel like it’s glued to our

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite screenshots

One thing I
should point out, however, is that Unite doesn’t feel like a new Monster
Hunter game. In fact, it feels more like an extended version of Monster
Hunter Freedom 2 seeing as the story and most of the missions are identical.
You are still able to create your own character but you can also import your
character from MHF2 so you can start the game with a familiar face but
you’ll still have to go through the intro where your hunter is nearly killed
during a hunt only to wake up in a village filled with seasoned monster hunters
just like you.

Much of the
gameplay is still very much like MHF2 and that’s not a bad thing at all
considering the game featured plenty of armor and weapon options and the levels
were surprisingly diverse. Unite; however, adds more of everything into
the mix so it’s quite possible that you’ll have more than 3000 weapon and armor
sets to work with to create your own stylized equipment.

On top of the
fact that you’ll have a number of weapon and armor options, the up to 400
missions are far more diverse this time around thanks to an advanced mission
rating that will have you going up against even bigger monsters than before. I
worked my way to one of these missions only to be killed right away by a giant
red beast that made short work of me. The task was not only to bring the beast
down but also take a very rare piece out of the creature as well.

Speaking of
monsters, the new monsters are ferocious and challenging enough to give you a
real workout if you decide to play the game solo. It’s not impossible to bring
these monsters down but it certainly helps having a helping hand aid you during
your quest. Once again, you can accept or decline any mission you are offered in
the Guild Hall and you will find an overwhelming number of quests from the very
beginning of the game so there’s really no shortage of things to do in Unite.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite screenshots

Once again,
the game supports multiplayer via Ad Hoc and you’ll be able to quest with up to
three other friends. Remember that giant red beast I mentioned? Alone it
slaughtered me within seconds but with a friend I was able to take it down. A
friend could distract said beast while the second player could swing at its
torso as it snaps at your buddy. Teamwork is definitely the key to clearing the
more difficult missions and – thankfully – so far the multiplayer runs just as
smooth as my rhino horn/sword. Even the loading times have been cut in half
thanks to the Media Install feature that works with the memory stick to make the
game flow faster.

If you like
playing solo, you won’t go it alone thanks to the new Felyne companion. We’ve
seen these cat-like creatures before in other Monster Hunter games but
this time around your new furry companion plays a more helpful role. For
instance, you can send your companion to pick up resources you need such as a
spit to roast monster meat for a health boost. You can even pick a behavior that
best suits your needs during a mission. I “trained” by cat to distract monsters
while I rushed it and slashed away with my created lance.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite screenshots

Hunter Freedom Unite

is really
shaping up to be that delightfully epic and grand adventure fans have been
enjoying since the series was first introduced to us on the PlayStation 2. With
no shortage of missions, item options, a Felyne companion and an amazing
multiplayer experience, it’s hard not to get excited about Unite. The hunt is on
this June so expect a bigger and better monster hunt on store shelves very soon. 

Hunter Freedom Unite is rated T for Teen.