MLB 07: The Show – PS2 – Preview

MLB: The Show ’07 is the next game in Sony’s
baseball series. Set to hit the PS2, PSP and the PS3 simultaneously, The Show
’07 retools some of the familiar elements of the game, while adding some really
cool new elements to the mix. Baserunning has been made less of a chore than it
has been in previous baseball games, and the new pitching system feels
responsive and accurate.

For The Show ’07, Sony hired a new company to
handle the statistics, resulting in a quarter of a million more stats, resulting
in an up to date and meticulously accurate presentation of the teams. In the
online portion of the game, dynamic stats will change with your personal online
rankings, and online leaderboards will track you and compare you to other
players online.

Another thing that is pretty innovative is the
game sliders, of which there are over thirty. While you can tool your game
experience practically any way you see fit, you can also post your
customizations online for people to check out and rank. There will also be an MLB Sportscast live ticker option (similar to what EA offers in their sports
titles) that will deliver up-to-date sports scores through the internet.

The pitching and batting dynamic has been tweaked
this time around to create a more immersive experience. There is now a camera
view for both pitching and batting (behind the pitcher and behind the batter),
depending on where you’re currently at on the field.

Pitching controls now feature an almost “golf
swing-like” control that will greatly affect how accurate and how fast your
pitch is, giving you an extra level of control in that department. If you throw
more consistently good pitches (as in, you don’t get any hits against you)
you’ll gain more control over them and be able to pitch better and easier. As
far as batting goes, there is a new swing analysis option that will let you see
what you did wrong on the previous swing, whether it be too late or too low or
high and so on. Baserunning has also been fixed up, allowing you to easily
control each runner on the bases and target them uniquely.

Graphically, the game will feature a variety of
new pitching and batting animations adding to the realism. The overall look is
still quite clean on the PS2 and PSP versions, and the new animations add to the
fluidity of the gameplay.

MLB: The Show ’07 is looking to be a solid
baseball experience with some truly innovative controls and some great new
elements to pull you into the game.