MLB 2K12 Cover Art Revealed

On his Twitter on December 23, Justin Verlander announced that he got an early Xmas gift from 2K Sports, MLB, and MLB 2K12.  That gift was the cover art of Major League Baseball 2K12, which has Verlander on the cover.  The Detroit Tigers MVP winner included the hashmark #proudmoment.  Congrats Verlander; you definitely deserve this after the season you had.

The cover itself doesn't stray from previous covers of the MLB 2K series.  Verlander looks painted in mid-pitch, there's smoke coming off of his body, his body is whisping into smoke, there's cool lines all over the place, and there's even lightning coming off his throwing arm.  I think I would have liked it if the background wasn't red, but blue instead — or maybe the dark Detroit Tigers blue.  Also, all of the smoke is reminding me of the Skrillex video where the little girl moves her fingers quickly with smoke coming from them to dispose of the creeper.

All in all, it's a cool cover.  What'll be more important than the cover is how the game plays.  Let's hope it has an MVP performance this year.

mlb 2k12 cover art