Metro 2033 – 360 – Preview

THQ and 4A Games are readying a
post-apocalyptic first-person shooter that focuses on delivering a solid
narrative. Without a multiplayer component implemented, Metro 2033 shall be
relying on excellent storytelling and atmosphere to draw in fans of the genre.

The three-hour demo presented
showcased 4A Games prowess with understanding how to create an immersive
shooter. The dialogue from the civilians living underneath the war torn Moscow
helped paint a wonderful picture of despair.

Enemy types differed between looting
renegade soldiers and giant rat-like demons that, apparently, are rumored to be
an evolution of mankind after the nuclear blasts. The soldiers use cover and
will attempt to flank, while the Dark Ones usually rush the player and will rear
up on their hind legs to scream for help from their demonic brothers. 

Not enough ammo

Our biggest concern with Metro 2033
was that there wasn’t enough ammo. Too many times Artyom would run out of
ammunition. Once this happens, he’s forced to pull out his pocket knife that is
the equivalent of a butter knife – enemies will fall after six or seven stabs,
so be prepared to frustration when it comes to close range combat. With no melee
button, Artyom is often left helpless as he battles dozens upon dozens of

The guns that are implemented aren’t
half bad. Many of them are makeshift weapons that are a combination of two
weapons into one due to low supplies. These makeshift weapons aren’t exactly the
most coveted weapons – those would be weapons scavenged from the soil on top of
the metro station.

In effort to remove the HUD, ammo
found from the top are a shade of green while the makeshift bullets are grey.
The health bar is based on how much blood is thrown upon the player’s screen.
There’s also a gasmask that players are forced to put on once they reach the top
soil so they can breathe and move to the next area of the game. The gasmask has
a gauge on a watch that is capable of being pulled up by pressing the Left

Fate of mankind in the hands of

Even though Metro 2033 is a linear
first-person shooter, 4A games has implemented a choice-based system that could
potentially change future events. While we weren’t able to see the consequences
of not giving ammo to a soldier in need or a street urchin bartering for
information, we can only assume that their fate could depend on if they have
enough ammo to combat the Dark Ones if they were to infiltrate the base.

With a March 16, 2010 release date,
Metro 2033 is approaching its release rather quick. Said to be 13-15 hours long,
Metro 2033 could potentially turn out to be a sleeper-hit in a month packed with
blockbuster releases.