MechAssault: Phantom War – NDS – Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Microsoft’s popular Xbox game makes its way to
the Nintendo DS this fall in the form of MechAssault: Phantom War. Set in the
year 3134 (just a few centuries from now), Phantom War’s universe has had 60
years of peace prosperity. Times change as the Republic of the Sphere is now
living in a dark age of ex-communication. The world is crippled when a virus
strikes the pinnacles of interstellar communication (HPGs – Hyperpulse
Generators). This leaves humans cut off from one another. Mankind’s desire to
increase communication has backfired in an unexpected way.

Soon a war breaks out, calling for a MechAssault
against a powerful enemy.

Over 20 types of vehicles will be playable, from
mechs and tanks to turret and BattleArmor. Ballistics, energy, missile, and
special weapons are upgradeable, letting players maximize their attacking

MechAssault: Phantom War Nintendo DS screenshots

Players will be able to hack into enemy territory
and hijack their mechs. The hacking system works like a matching puzzler where
you have to match one of the symbols that appears with one of the four existing
symbols provided. The difficulty increases with each level, so you have to be
quick when hacking or else you won’t be successful.

Other touch screen uses include HUD layout
customization. You may also be able to access secret weapons from the inner
sphere, but the details on that have yet to be finalized.

MechAssault: Phantom War Nintendo DS screenshots

The story is based on the BattleTech series,
which previously led to the MechWarrior and MechCommander games, and most
recently MechAssault. Four planets, three multiplayer game types, and 24 levels
are being created for the game. Up to four players can get in on the multiplayer
fun, which is a multi-card play only due to the enormous size of the game.
Phantom War will be one of the few DS titles that uses a 1-gig game card! That’s
too much data to stream through the air and into the DS for single-card play.

Coming this fall, MechAssault: Phantom War will
incorporate standard and touch screen (Metroid-style) control schemes. Look for
it in September.


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