Maximum Chase – XB – Preview

Rick Summer was driving home from work when trouble jumped into the front
seat with him – trouble that this off-duty police officer did not really need,
or look for.

From out of the woodwork comes a host of black cars, all pursuing his Camaro
and shooting at him. Overhead, a helicopter is tracking him and firing away.
What’s worse is that police seem to be after him as well.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to be driving along with the windows down and
the doors unlocked.

Maximum Chase is a driving/shooter action game exclusively for the Xbox from Majesco Games and Microsoft/Genkl. It is based on the motion picture and
actually attempts to fill players in on pieces of the film.

The game features two modes of play – as the driver bent on outrunning the
pursuers, or as a shooter in the car, trying to blow out tires and take down the

To say this game is running on high-octane fuel is like saying the Flash was
somewhat fast. Maximum Chase starts out with cutscenes from the movie, then
immediately puts you behind the wheel of a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro, roaring
through well designed streets in a confined map, with moderate traffic to dodge
and a host of bad guys in pursuit.

The game features 20 officially licensed vehicles which include the Camaro,
the latest Nissan Z, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, a Lexus SC 340 and a Chevrolet
S10 Pickup.

The game takes place on the streets of Los Angeles and there are 20 levels of
game play. Other features include unlockable vehicles and weapons, and realistic
car damage.

In essence, this game plays out like a high-speed arcade romp. Little icons
appear above the cars to let you know what that vehicles damage is like. And the
bad guys just pop out of nowhere and where you can be cruising down the road at
over 90 miles an hour one moment, you will find those deadly black cars
surrounding you the next.

Ok, that can be lived with. After all, what fun would it be if that little
Camaro just out-scooted them and barreled away. The map is confined, and
maze-like. The streets whiz past and you can use that to your advantage.

A cross-street is coming up. Two black cars are flanking you, firing at you.
Just as you are about to hit the intersection, you slam on the brakes and crank
the wheel. The enemy blows through the intersection and you can turn – the
breathing room will only last moments, but at least you have some.

The beta received for preview did have some clipping in the audio score, but
that only happened during the cutscenes. The rest of the game’s sound played out
very well, from the screaming of tires struggling for a foothold on the streets,
to the staccato of machine guns trying to turn your car into Swiss cheese.

Graphically this game is solid. You can change the camera view and the car
dynamics are excellent. Stomping on the brakes and sliding through that
90-degree turn is a blast.

If there is any drawback to this title is that it doesn’t give you any chance
to prepare for the action. And the beta did not state what the goal was. Ok,
that was fairly apparent from the moment the level launched. But there did not
seem to be a stated condition for winning.

Maximum Chase is fast-paced, non-stop arcade action. While not exactly
immersive, it is challenging, a great think-on-your-tires action joyride through
the deadly streets of Los Angeles.