Madden NFL 10 – 360 – Preview

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When many gamers think of an EA
Sports franchise, one title comes to their minds first: Madden. The publisher’s
NFL franchise has been a living room favorite for nearly two decades, always
attempting to provide gamers with the best, most realistic game of football to
date. This year, EA Sports is looking to continue this legacy, and bring gamers
closer to realism and provide the most dynamic and fluid game of football to

Madden NFL 10 is the latest entry to
the popular football franchise. In many ways, EA Sports is looking to build this
entry from the ground up, ensuring that the title will not only be fun to play,
but will capitalize on a realistic portrayal of the best loved sport in the US.
Madden NFL 10 is set of offer authentic animations and a genuine approach to
football that will get plenty of pigskin fans excited.

Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 screenshots

The most striking thing about Madden
10’s on field gameplay are the new animations. The game makes previous
iterations of the series seem stiff by comparison, as the new look is very fluid
and natural. The new Pro-Tak animation system allows for players to move better
than ever before, reacting realistically to quick changes and making
every hit feel as intense as the real thing. From jukes to tackles to escapes,
you’ll be able to dynamically adjust your player’s movement and never feels

Additionally, Madden 10 will offer
several new gameplay modes for enterprising fans, not the least of which is the
new online franchise mode. In this mode, players will be able to create their
own franchises, with each one of 32 teams controlled by a human opponent.
Players can then go through an entire season, in which one person will play as a
commissioner, allowing drafts versus regular rosters, or trades to take place
between teams, and the like.

Madden 10 is shaping up very nicely,
and should be one that football fans will want to get their hands on. Look for
it to launch on August 16.


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