LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – WII – Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Lightsaber battles with two-inch
plastic warriors; vehicle creation with auto-Force powers; flying through space
in a toy spaceship — these are just a few of the reasons why we dive into the
LEGO Star Wars games. They’re unbeatably fun and addictive. The movie sequences
are hilarious, and the LEGO-ized graphics are incredibly cool.

For all the gamers out there who
missed the first two releases, and for anyone who’d like to relive the thrills
all over again (brace yourself for the enormous crowd of players shouting,
"Me!"), LucasArts will release LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Due in
November for every game platform, The Complete Saga features
every stage from the previous LEGO Star Wars titles in one convenient package.

That’s not enough for me to sign
up, but the additional new content has me thrilled with anticipation. The PS3
edition is most significant, as it will support full SIXAXIS motion controls for
all the space combat stages. Only a couple seconds of SIXAXIS action was demoed
for us before the demo tanked, but that was all it took for me to know exactly
which version of the game I’ll be playing first when it’s released. The PS3 version is also
lightyears above the rest in terms of space battle presentation. The LEGO-made
Star Destroyers are bigger, and the depth of field gives the game a much more
immersive feel. You might find it hard to spot major differences in the ground
battles, but there’s no denying the extra effort that has been put forth to make
the space portion as next-gen as possible.

Are you ready for one more PS3
surprise? For the first time ever, co-op play will be available online. Drop in
and out of games at any time, from any location. Though it’s technologically
possible to bring this feature to Xbox 360, LucasArts stressed this aspect for

Wii fans get a special treat as
well in the form of motion-controlled lightsaber attacks. Different shakes — up
and down or side to side — appeared to have unique effects in the way the
lightsaber moves. Based on what was demoed, it’s safe to assume that the
controls will fall somewhere in line with what Nintendo produced last year for

Will any other versions be
treated to special content? LucasArts didn’t say. But if not, I say more power
to Wii and PS3. It’s about time that Sony’s console received the high-quality
(and exclusive) content it deserves from a third-party release.

All of the console versions will
contain new stages, including the chase through Coruscant (the one in the
beginning of Episode II) and the battle over Naboo from Episode I.



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