League of Legend’s Viktor Speculation

‘Got a Machine Herald, better than the rest.’  Well that’s my one Bush reference for the day. 

Anyways!  Riot released a comic book type preview for their new champion in the making – Viktor, the Machine Herald.  By the looks of this comic, we got another mad scientist on our hands.  Singed and Warwick can step out of the limelight for a spell. 

Viktor seems quite angry.  He claims that he was used for knowledge and then they stole all of his work.  As the “Machine Herald,” I can assume he knows a thing or two about mechanics.  What about steam golem making though?  There is a picture of a scientist standing next to Blitzcrank with the scientist’s face shattered in the frame.  Is this the scientist Viktor is seeking revenge against who stole his credit?  Professor Stanwick Pididly perhaps?

Or is the scientist in the picture Viktor himself breaking an image of his former self?  He states that he is no longer man, but machine.  I see both scenarios as very possible.  All that is certain is that we all are going to see Viktor’s glorious evolution.