Korea: Forgotten Conflict – PC – Preview

there’s one conflict that’s been somewhat neglected by video games, it’s been
the Korean War.  However, with the current insurgence of war games (particularly
WWII), it’s no wonder that someone has stepped up to the plate to put out a game
based on the Korean conflict in the 1950s.  From Cenega comes Korea: Forgotten
Conflict, an RTS game set in the Korean War. 


take control of a small group of soldiers, each with a certain specialization
(ranger, medic, sniper, and so on).  It’s your job to guide these soldiers
through their missions, which range from blowing up dams and stealing enemy
airplanes to freeing captured agents.  While there are a few problems that need
some tending before the game’s release, Korea: Forgotten Conflict is shaping up
to be a great RTS that sheds light on this once neglected war.


most noticeable thing about Korea: Forgotten Conflict is the sweet graphics. 
The characters look and move realistically, and the environments are incredible,
especially for an Alpha build.  The buildings have realistic textures and cast
dynamic shadows.  If your PC can handle it, turn on antialiasing and high
quality shadows for a real visual treat.


music in Korea: Forgotten Conflict is not too shabby either.  While there were
no voices in the Alpha build, the sound effects were pretty good, and the music
had a nice marching beat to it, like a war film from the 60’s.


gameplay promises to be varied and interesting.  Your squad can take control of
vehicles, move under the cover of shadows in order to take out bad guys
covertly, move enemy bodies around to detection.  You also have access to
various different types of weapons from the era, like M1 Garlands and Colt 45s,
and even throwing knifes to take out an enemy in secret from afar.


all these elements are great, the game does have some problems, namely the nasty
control scheme.  The control scheme in the Alpha build is very awkward; it’s
unnecessarily difficult to move all of your units around, because you can only
move one at a time and they move very slowly.  Plus, there is no way to
center the camera over one of your units, so if one happens to get lost in the
wilderness, you’d basically have to scour the whole playing field to find them. 
Plus, sometimes the game won’t allow you to shoot certain enemies since they’re
“out of range”, even if the enemy is smack dab in front of you, firing away like
nobody’s business.  This is especially a pain if you guide your troops to an
enemy military post and are then unable to kill anyone.


these may seem like huge problems, bear in mind that this preview is based on an
Alpha build and Cenega still has a few months to clean up these faults.  If they
do, then war strategy fans should find a great RTS with tons of interactive
environments, beautiful graphics, and cool gameplay elements.