Justice League Heroes – PS2 – Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Snowblind, the developers
behind the much-acclaimed Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, are looking to replicate
the magic of that game with their next action-RPG. However, this time around,
they are taking on the cream of DC Comic’s crop in Justice League Heroes.
Featuring all the top-tier DC heroes, like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green
Lantern and so on, Justice League heroes will be more than a straight forward
top-down brawler. Similar to X-Men Legends, you’ll be able to beef up your
character’s moves and gain new abilities and attributes as you defeat enemies
and you’ll be able to partake in multiplayer co-op where players will be able to
switch out on the fly and start from any point in the game being played. Justice
League Heroes is looking to do for DC’s Justice League what Legends has been
able to do with Marvel’s X-Men, and given Snowblind’s pedigree, this should be
one to keep an eye on. 

The preview build available at
Warner Interactive’s meeting room at E3 had a stage where you could play as The
Flash and the Green Lantern. The player could control one of these players at a
time, while the AI would take over for the other one. You could also take over
for either character whenever you’d choose, switching on the fly between the

The characters also had some
great moves that nicely echoed the comics. The Green Lantern used his power ring
to manifest hammers and create a shield to block enemy attacks, and The Flash
could throw lightning fast punches and zip across the game field to get the drop
on another foe.  

The preview build played quite
smoothly, with destructible environments and clean graphics. The team AI felt a
little spotty (the other characters would just stand there and get attacked
without fighting, and as a result they’d die off way too quickly), but there is
still some time to work on this before the game ships this fall.

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