John Woo Presents Stranglehold – PS3 – Preview 2

E3 2007 Preview

A couple of months ago, Midway displayed a
playable build of their upcoming third person action game Stranglehold. The demo
gave some indication of what gamers would be able to expect from the shooter,
which was the brainchild of Hong Kong uber-director, John Woo. At this year’s
E3, Midway showcased the latest build of the game, as its release draws near.
Stranglehold is shaping up to be a fun and exciting game with great combat
elements and some very impressive environments.

The last playable build for Stranglehold was
staged at a museum. Two new levels were showcased for the E32007 demo:
Marketplace and Island. Marketplace takes you through some back alleys and gives
you tons of objects, from grocery stands to neon signs to destroy.

The second area, Island, had Tequila making his
way through a island where copious amounts of drugs were being created in a
shantytown made of corrugated steel and wood. Here, you could literally decimate
the entire encampment, tearing the walls to shreds and knocking over posts with
your gunfire.

This build of the game also showcased some cool
new features, like the Mexican Standoff. A Mexican standoff occurs automatically
at certain points of the game, and you must dodge bullets in slow motion with
the left thumbstick, and aim and shoot with the right. These are pretty
interesting little mini-games, and are pretty fun to play.

Additionally, Inspector Tequila’s special
abilities played a part in the new build. Tequila could shoot a bullet
sniper-style into an enemy for a one-hit kill, or slow down time briefly with
improved firepower and speed, or even do a 360 degree spin (complete with John
Woo’s token slo-mo and doves), a move that kills every one onscreen.

Stranglehold is showcasing some interesting
gameplay elements and should be a good time for action fans. Check it out this

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