James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing – XB – Preview

E3 2003 – Hands-On (played
on the GameCube)


007: Everything or Nothing
is the latest adventure starring James Bond.  EA has gone to great lengths to
make this title as cinematic as possible, so they managed to score some A-list
celebs’ voices and likenesses in this original story, including Shannon
Elizabeth and the man himself, Pierce Brosnan.  Classic villains, like Jaws,
will also make appearances.


The action was pretty
intense in the demo build I previewed, although the game will be more focused on
stealth when it’s shipped, and will feature more Bond-like elements than
previous versions, which have been pretty much straight shooters until now. 
Bond made use of a new item called the Q-Rappel, which allowed him to rappel
down the side of almost any vertical surface.  The gameplay did feature some
degree of stealth, as Bond could sneak up on enemies and take them out from
behind.  Bond would also automatically hide behind objects if they were in front
of him, facilitating that aspect of gameplay.  Bond also had use of a simplified
“Bullet Time” button, which would slow down time.


The use of vehicles has
returned from previous incarnations of the hero, although Bond now had a choice
behind what vehicles he decided to drive.  In one level, he had the choice of
hopping onto a dirt bike or into a classy car.  Both stages occurred on two
completely different tracks, the dirt bike one was bumpier and focused more of
stunts, whereas the car track was driving and shooting.


When it ships this fall, 007
fans should have plenty to look forward to.