Infected – PSP – Preview

E3 Preview 2005

From Planet
Moon Studios, the creators of Giants Citizen Kabuto and Armed & Dangerous, comes
Infected, the first zombie shooter on the PSP. On the show floor, Infected had a
lot of promise. The action was fast-paced and fun, and while the gore level was
pretty high, the game still had some of the dark humor sensibilities familiar to
other Planet Moon Studios games.

In Infected,
you are a New York cop whose world gets turned upside down when a mysterious
virus begins to infect people, turning them into zombies. Fortunately for you,
you are immune to the virus, and your blood can even kill zombies infected with
the virus. You are then given a gun that fires your blood at enemies, killing
them on contact. Aside from that, you have a meaty arsenal ranging from machine
guns to rocket launchers to help you defeat the zombie threat and annihilate the

As standard
weaponry alone won’t kill your enemies, you’ll have to use your weapons in
conjunction with the viral gun. You weaken the zombies by unloading some bullets
on them, and then finishing them off with a blast from the viral gun. Doing so
causes them to explode, making a chain reaction where all of the infected
zombies within the blast radius are damaged. If you shoot enough enemies in an
area and then top them off with the viral gun, you can take out several at once,
linking up a combo and getting more points and power-ups.

multiplayer mode looked very impressive, as the action is very intense. Plus,
there is an “infection” feature in the game, where you will actually “infect”
your opponent’s PSP with your own custom skin if you beat them. This will show
up whenever they play the single-player mode, only going away once they complete
certain goals.

Infected is
a great game, one with lots of action and an interesting concept. Plus, the
multiplayer matches are a blast, making this one title that PSP owners looking
for their next great multiplayer fix would do well to check out. Look for it
this fall.