Hunter: The Reckoning – Redeemer – XB – Preview

E3 2002


 The original Hunter game for home consoles, Hunter: The
Reckoning, mixed post-apocalyptic destruction with Gothic environments for an
action-oriented violent adventure.  Filled with undead creatures, possessed
statues, and a gigantic evil teddy bear, Hunter was an original title that left
those who played it with sore thumbs and eccentric nightmares.  The latest
edition of the franchise, Hunter: Redeemer for the Xbox, promises a few new
twists and more of the same fantastic action that made the original so much fun.


The most apparent new features of the game are the new playable
characters.  Remember the little girl from the first Hunter with the teddy
bear?  She’s back, and this time she doesn’t need Hunters to protect her from
evil.  Redeemer takes place twenty years after The Reckoning, and the little
girl is all grown up and ready to slice and dice the undead on her own as one of
the initial five playable characters.  The developers at High Voltage Software
also added six playable monster characters as bonuses for some entertaining
zombie on zombie fighting!  In the last game, built up characters would be lost
after not continuing in multi-player.  This year, characters can be saved to
memory cards for revival or simple transportation to a friend’s house. 


Also new to this version of Hunter are new weapons, new edges
(Hunter superpowers), and new monsters.  The combat system has been slightly
altered to allow for more control over the Hunters, particularly during
combination attacks.  AI controlled non-player characters can also join the
fight, meaning these simple humans aren’t just useless cowards cowering in the
corner.  The camera engine has also implemented a nifty non-obstructing system
to allow for free movement and more decorative scenery.  Chad Kent, Producer at
High Voltage Software, even divulged the fact that a mini-boss may rival the
zaniness of the vomiting teddy bear that was the hit of the first Hunter.


Hunter: Redeemer hits the Xbox in October of 2003.