Hellboy The Science of Evil – PSP – Preview

E3 2007 Preview

I came to the Hellboy game as an
outsider. I don’t read the comics and have only seen a snippet of the movie. My
main concern with the game was not how well it captured the essence of a story I
have never followed, my concern was with how well it captured the essence of the
action genre.

A little Devil May Cry, a lot of
Streets of Rage, Hellboy was clearly inspired by the previous generation of
beat-’em-up titles. It’s one of those games that anyone can pick up and play
without a tutorial. In fact, there was an introductory level that explained
Hellboy’s moves. I asked Konami to skip that and take me right to the action.
They did, and before I knew it I was surrounded by enemies. I pounded them into
the ground with several linked attacks — all well animated and made the
red-skinned hero look very tough. His facial detail and slight expressions are
genius. The backgrounds are pretty cool as well, sporting realistic objects and
details but with a slight cartoon overlay. That probably makes it sound like the
game is cell-shaded, but it’s not. This overlay is really different from what’s
been done in other games trying to achieve a comic book appearance in a
realistic setting.

Hellboy The Science of Evil (working title) PSP screenshots

Hellboy’s gun mechanics were like
Devil May Cry with the ability to aim. Push the right analog stick to bring up
your crosshairs. Point it toward your enemy and fire away. Also, the PSP
version, though nowhere near as graphically intense as the next-gen edition, is
very well done. It’s about as quick, has similar camera angles, most of the same
attacks (or close to them), etc., as the next-gen iterations.

Unfortunately my play time with the
PSP and 360 versions ended there. It was short but served as a great tease for
what should be a grand, action-packed experience when the game launches later
this year.


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