Hegemonia: The Legions of Iron – PC – Preview

E3 2002

There was a time when the universe
seemed so huge. But when a game comes along with incredible graphics, the
vastness of outer space doesn’t seem so imposing.

Set in 2104, Haegemonia begins with a
war between the populations of Earth and Mars. But there is more at stake there
than a petty intersystem squabble. It seems that there is another force, known
as the Kariaks, on the peripheral, waiting for forces to be depleted so that it
can swoop in and clean out what is left.

This strategic game from Dreamcatcher
for the PC was demonstrated at E3 2002 in Los Angeles. It is from the developers
of Imperium Galactica 1 and 2. From all indications, this will be a great title,
and will raise the bar in the RTS category.

This is a real-time strategy game with
a fully three-dimensional tactical map. Haegemonia is simply an incredible
looking game with superb special effects. In-game lighting is remarkable. The
camera is rotatable, allowing players to see the battles from an array of

As with most RTS-style programs, there
is more that goes on than planning battle strategies. You will also have to
research technologies to improve your chances against powerful opposing forces.
There are 200 technologies that can be researched and the game also has a hero
system in place. You can also spy on the opposing forces.

And should your section of space seem
too confined, then just fly into a wormhole to continue the battle in another
system. The game is constantly evolving in a non-linear fashion, which makes for
incredible replayability.

The player interface has been kept
simple and the on-screen displays are very slick.

Haegemonia: The Legions of Iron is one
of those RTS programs that will delight visually and challenge intellectually.
Look for this game to warp into stores in the fall.