Harvest Moon: My Little Shop – WII – Preview

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Approaching Harvest
Moon: My Little Shop
with a different art and presentation style, Natsume is
bringing forth a WiiWare title that will be providing add-ons for the title as
time passes.

As an upcoming WiiWare
title, My Little Shop isn’t taking the direct approach of being a full
farming simulator as many Harvest Moon titles have done so in the past.
Instead, players are asked to open up one of three different shops – ice cream,
decorating, and juice – and help bring business to the town. With three separate
goals to run successful shops for each type, players should find replay value in
the mini-games that are attributed to creating a prospering business.

Playing as either a boy
or a girl, players will still have a chance to interact with a variety of
different animals, a handful of Harvest Moon characters from the past 11
years of the franchise – such as Gourmet from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
and Saibara from Harvest Moon 64 – and the ability to draw your own
store signs, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop should find a good home with
fans of the series.

On the topic of drawing
your own store signs, players are able to share them online through
WiiConnect24. The only issue is that players must comply with the guidelines so
that no inappropriate content is shared. Still, remodeling the stores is going
to be an attribute that should help lend to the replay value of this WiiWare

One of the mini-games
shown was making juice for Saibara. The Natsume representative had to aim at the
ingredients as they passed on along the screen, similar to a carnival ducks
shoot. When the right ingredients were shot down, they fell onto a conveyor belt
that took the players to the next screen to mix the ingredients in a blender.
Depending on the character’s preference, players will have to make them chucky,
smooth and the like. After this is all completed, the players will be judged on
how well they did on the process.

Taking a graphical
approach akin to cardboard cutouts of popular Harvest Moon characters
from the past, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop is set on a real-time cycle
and is a single-player experience. Set for a fall release, with a target date of
September, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop should offer gamers a fresh break
from being a farmer.

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