Hard Corps: Uprising E3 preview

For SEGA Genesis owners in the know, Contra: Hard Corps could be considered the black sheep of the franchise. The game had some crazy characters to play as including a robot and a sunglasses-adorned cyborg-werewolf (yeah, you read that right), and even crazier stages with copious amounts of explosions and destruction. The game was definitely one of the best titles in the Contra universe, but unfortunately many gamers haven’t even heard of it. Luckily for them, Konami is keeping the legacy of the franchise alive with Hard Corps: Uprising, a prequel to the original shooter.

Hard Corps: Uprising is a 2D game with 3D environments and sprite-based characters. The game’s aesthetic looks a lot like the Guilty Gear fighting franchise (which makes sense, considering that ARC System Works is developing the title), given the high level of detail in the animated sprites.

The gameplay is very old-school, requiring you to run from one area to another killing off all enemies and bosses that get in your way. You’ll be able to pick up weapons along the way, and toggle between your two equipped guns. Additionally, you’re able to double jump, which is immensely helpful in the game’s platforming moments.

While we only got to play Hard Corps for brief moments, the game proved to be a more than worthy successor to the original, offering exciting gameplay moments and some great action. Look for it on downloadable services later this year.