Guild Wars – PC – Preview

E3 2003 –
First Look


A fundamental element of
online role-playing games is the interaction between characters. Not just in a
cooperative quest mode, but in combination against other players.


The skills you possess in
regards to both will get a strong workout in the fantasy world of Guild Wars, a
PC program from and NCSoft, demonstrated at E3 and slated for release
in the second half of 2004.


The game does have a solid
pedigree. The developers behind the game are the same that were behind such
games as Starcraft, Warcraft and the Diablo series.


And for fans of online
gaming, here is the best part of all – current plans call for no monthly fee for
play in North America. Content will evolve as the game ages but the downloads
will be streaming with no server downtimes for content updates.


Other game features include
three character classes (for now), multiple professions, unique skills (which
must be employed cooperatively for complete quests), an evolving persistent game
world, missions that are geared to be completed in an hour, a continuous
tournament element, and advanced mob AI in which the monsters can use strategies
against you.


The game will also have
in-built guild forum for communication with your clan.


The player interface seemed
to be typical for the class and style of game, allowing players to jump into the
fray quickly and without a lot of back training. The look of the game was very
attractive with lush, richly textured graphical elements. The animation was
superb. The sound of the game seems on a par with others in the genre.


The game definitely has
substance and challenge, and could well find a solid niche among players seeking
a solid allegiance experience in a game where choosing the right skills for the
job at hand, and working in concert with other players in paramount. The name of
the game may be an understatement of the depth of the gameplay, but that
notwithstanding, this program promises action and adventure on a constant basis.