Geometry Wars: Galaxies – WII – Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Ask any gamer who plays on the Xbox 360’s Xbox
Live Arcade service, and chances are they know about Geometry Wars. Originally a
mini-game featured in Project Gotham Racing 2, Geometry Wars has become a
phenomenon, with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved becoming one of the most
downloaded titles on XLA. It’s very easy to see why, as the game offers simple,
but wildly addictive gameplay that just about anyway can pick up and play.

Therefore, it’s a no brainer for the game to
appear on Nintendo’s accessible Wii system. However, instead of simply taking
Retro Evolved and sticking on the Wii via their virtual console download
service, Vivendi Games is repackaging it and building the concept into a
full-fledged retail game. Geometry Wars: Galaxies will take the accessible and
engaging gameplay of Retro Evolved and create a unique experience for the Wii,
as well as significantly upping the ante with tons of different stages and an
entire galaxy of levels to explore.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies will expand the game to
sixty times the size of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade game. You’ll have
different planets to explore, each with their own different dynamic and grid
design. There will be twice as many enemies as in its predecessor, as well as
leaderboards for you to compare online with other players.

Additionally, instead of fighting alone in the
single-player campaign, you’ll have a drone fighting by your side. You can
assign actions to your drone on the map, having him do things like shoot in the
opposite direction of you, collect your power-ups, or even kill only a certain
type of enemy.

Another new addition will be a co-op mode, which
lets you and a buddy fight through a separate co-op campaign with a bit of a
competitive edge to see who gets the highest score.

The Wii controls are also pretty interesting.
You’ll be able to point on the screen to the direction that you’d want your ship
to shoot and it will aim, with movement done using the nunchuck’s analog stick.
However, those who prefer the traditional method are free to use the classic
controller if they so wish.

Another unique twist is that you’ll be able to
connect your Wii to a Nintendo DS and temporarily download the entire Geometry
Wars: Retro Evolved to it to play until you turn off the DS. Geometry Wars is
already a tried-and-true addictive experience, but fans will want to reinvest in
Galaxies when it hits the Wii this fourth quarter.

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