GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus S2 Episode 2 new raid bosses will test your skill

A large part of MMOs are raids — players working together to get through a large dungeon, and ultimately finding a way to defeat a fierce boss at the end. Vindictus, the free-to-play MMORPG from Nexon, is no different. As part of the Season 2 Episode 2 update for the game, new raid bosses are being introduced for players to test their might against. The two we'll be focusing on are Iset: The Princess of the Desert, and Haven: The Guardian. You can view Nexon's raid content overview and walkthrough video below, which shows gameplay mechanics of both bosses.

The storyline for the S2E2 Raids update follows the battle against Iset. As the battle against Iset approaches, players must seize the opportunity to strike before her quest for power comes to fruition. Her personal guard Havan has also been resurrected and will fight against anyone who fails to bend to Iset's will. There will be two new raids available for Twilight Desert, and all players will be able to experience the new raid content from the mission board in Malina Docks. 

As for Iset: The Princess of the Desert, this is an eight-player raid that can be completed only once per day. The raid progression for this battle is divided into a total of three phases designed to keep players on their toes. You'll have to roll and dodge to survive against Iset. Armed with spells and a stave, Iset can summon stone pillars that morph into mummies. Destroy the pillars before the mummies emerge, or you'll suffer their explosive fate. Even when you think you've beaten Iset, she summons Havan, a giant sand creature. Avoid his ground pounds while dodging Iset's fireballs.

Havan: the Guardian also returns as the boss in another new raid dungeon, only this time he has legs. This is an eight-man raid that can also be completed only once per day. Havan has multiple destructible body parts. Moving quickly and dodging are key to fighting Havan, as you'll have to avoid ground punches, flying boulders and fireballs. Make sure to avoid his giant sandstorm attack, which does tons of damage. 

One last thing is this update is Charles Race. An expansion of an underground in Twilight Desert, Charles Race is a mini-game where the player weaves through various obstacles to race Charles the Excavator in reaching the goal. There's a total of five rounds with the difficulty increasing after each round.

Stay tuned for more Vindictus S2E2 updates coming the next few weeks. Also, make sure to check out our Gnoll Chieftain Pet Giveaway.

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