Game Boy Player – GBA – Preview

E3 2003 – Hands


When I went in to
talk with Majesco, I was impressed at the lineup of games that they had on
display for 2003. One thing that caught my eye though is something that I can
really see as not only being fun, but also a necessity for long road trips or
flights with kids.


Majesco has
unveiled it’s new GBA TV, which acts similar to a playback VCR. Basically,
cartridges will be sold for around $19.99 apiece, and they are shooting for each
cart to contain over an hours worth of video. The episode of the cartoon
“Arthur” was running when I was there, and looked surprisingly good on the
little system. Even better … there are no additional attachments to buy, and the
carts won’t run batteries down any more than a standard GBA game. Majesco is
currently working with various networks on maximizing the availability of shows
and episodes, and hope to have the product released in Winter of 2003.


For those of you who spend a lot of time traveling
and / or have kids, this is one product that you’re going to want to keep an
eye on.