Freaky Flyers – XB – Preview

E3 2003 –
Hands On


One game that I checked
out at Midway’s booth this year that I thought looked really good was Freaky
Flyers, an aerial title that had some really cartoon style graphics … but
dialogue written by the same person who did such groovy cartoons as The Tick to
give it more of a grown up humor kind of spin.


Freaky Flyers allows
players to hop on board with some really zany and whacked out characters and get
into everything from aerial racing to stunt flying to dog fighting, all of which
will be incorporated into the single player missions. One really unique thing
about this title is the fact that the levels are absolutely huge, and fully
explorable and interactive, allowing for a more open kind of feel and gameplay
which won’t be as linear as a lot of other flying / racing games out on the
market. The level that I played in had me zooming in and out of huge pipes, over
jagged peaks, and through some really claustrophobic areas which had me tensing
up while navigating through them. There will be 13 initial characters to choose
from up front, and over 20 to unlock as you progress. In addition, there is over
90 minutes of animation so that each character will have their own detailed
storyline to follow as you play.


Freaky Flyers is shaping up to be a fun title
with some really good gameplay elements and hilarious jokes. Be looking for it
to hit store shelves sometime this summer.