Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – PS3 – Preview

E3 2007 Preview

If the term Enemy Territory
sounds familiar, there is a reason. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was delivered
by the same team that is behind Activision’s title.

Splash Damage is behind the
title and the game could be considered a prequel to the QUAKE series. With new
technologies, and the ability to play as either Strogg or human, the game
promised to be a fast-paced action title, which will also be available on the

The main goal of the game is
to focus on teamplay, using a coordinated team to achieve military objectives.
And as for easy to play …

“We wanted to make
multiplayer so someone like my dad could jump in and enjoy the game,” said a
member of the development team.

Each of the maps has a focus
on uniqueness with campaigns taking place in different areas of the world. And
all the maps have objectives that relate to the storyline. Missions can be
generated in a pre-scripted manner, dynamically or by players. There is also a
sandbox mode. There is “always a mission as a character class to do something
appropriate,” said a Splash Damage representative. And missions have deployable
items, like turrets, to bring in a tactical element to the game.

Graphically very strong, the
physics are more realistic than in previous games. The user interface has a
context sensitive radial menu, and for each action taken, there is a counter
that players will be tasked to find. As players level, the character classes get
progressively harder, creating a reward system that rewards player experience. A
soldier class is easy to play, by way of example, but as you level and move into
(say) covert ops, the class is much harder to play.

The game is going into a
public beta soon with approximately 60,000 invited to play. Available on the PC,
360 and PS3, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars looks to be a solid shooter that will
leave fans of the series delighted, and newer shooter fans entertained.

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