End of Nations E3 Preview

End of Nations is massive. This RTS MMO, currently in pre-alpha, will be able to host 25 vs 25 matches.

See just how massive End of Nations really is

Unlike most real-time strategy games, your success in End of Nations does not rely on your ability to farm resources. Rather, it depends on your ability to micro-manage units. There is no resource-gathering or structure-building involved.

That’s not to say there are no resource points or buildings at all. End of Nations features capture points known as tactical resource points and tactical structures. By skillfully micro-managing your units, you can capture these areas and greatly increase your team’s chances of winning. These will allow you closer spawning points so that if your units die, they won’t respawn too far from the front lines–or they will give you extra resources to use on unit abilities.

Speaking of abilities, each individual unit has one that’s unique. Commander abilities let you call down units and call in massive offensive strikes. The army unit abilities are simpler but still important, such as buffing allies or soaking up damage over time. You must determine the right time to use these abilities, as they can mean the difference between victory or defeat. A great feature in the game is a built-in talent tree that allows you to unlock abilities, units, and defensive/offensive structures that will help in combat. As you complete objectives, you are awarded experience to level up your commander. Using these talents, you can shape your commander and army to your play-style.

End of Nations has three factions. The Order of Nations is the AI faction. This is the faction you will fight against in PvE, and it will mainly feature boss-scripted events. The playable factions include the Liberation Front and the Shadow Revolution, and each contains different types of units that you can bring into battle with you.

Traditional RTS players might seem lost at first. It’s definitely a different type of RTS, relying more on combat than economic advantage. End of Nations seems to cater to the types of players who really want to master micro-managing. If you are looking for a fun challenge with huge combat environments, you might want to check this game out.