Empires: Dawn of the Modern World – PC – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look

Face it … we;ve all played RTS titles before, all of which usually provide
the same overall thing. Build an army, invade your enemy, rule the world to win.
Well, Empires will still have you building armies and dominating the playing
field, but also adds in some unique elements as well.

Empires has five major epics, starting during the medieval times then moving
to WW1 and on up through more modern times. Each civilization has it’s own
unique access to technology and strengths, and all have various additions which
are for them and them only to help win. For example, Germans will have a general
that will boost troop morale and be able to fire off a large weapon. In
addition, each epic may change at certain points and allow you to branch from
your current group and move to another one. Lastly, each group also has the
abilities to utilize and set traps, which is going to play a unique and key role
to strategy as you play on.

Overall, Empires is looking fantastic, and you RTS folks can keep your eyes
open for a Fall 2003 release.