Earthworm Jim – PSP – Preview

2006 Hands On Preview

Entertainment is hard at work on a new Earthworm Jim. This title had a great
start as a colorful side-scroller. It stumbled a few times trying to make it
in the 3D world, and that’s probably why this title is going back to the 2D


Polygons are
used for the levels and characters, but the game controls and camera are
all 2D. The demo I played was an early build, so the trusty whip (Jim’s
body) was difficult to use. The look of the game and level design harkens
back to the old days. Ironically, the demo was running on a PS2, even though
it’s only being released on the PSP.


Fans of the
early Earthworm Jim games can be hopeful that this game brings us back to
the zany early days of this series.


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