EA Mobile wrap up

EA has a lot up its sleeve for the mobile sphere right now. You may have even seen earlier this week some of EA’s mobile properties from their Chillingo division. In addition to those titles, EA has a brand new holiday lineup that includes an Apple favorite, an adventurer known for eating insects, a mobile game cross-compatible with an online MMO, and and a brand new SHMUP. Pretty exciting in itself, this is still only a portion of all of EA’s offerings coming out this winter.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of those games that just works perfectly on the iPhone. A physics-based puzzler, Cut the Rope stars cute little Om Nom, a tiny little dinosaur who just wants to eat candy, or he’ll cry! By cutting rope holding the candy, players are tasked to swing, drop, and float the sweet to the little guy. This new holiday edition introduces a festive Christmas tree and stockings, which act like portals to send candy all over the stage. For those who have mastered the original, these new levels will be a great way to spend those hours at the airport this holiday.

Bear Grylls: The Bear Essentials

Bear Grylls is one of those guys no mere mortal can ever hope to be. I mean, he drinks his pee and eats snakes on his show (in a tasteful manner, of course). Hard to top that. Here to help the rest of us is Bear Grylls: The Bear Essentials for the iPhone. This is more of a multimedia application than a game. It will offer tips and tricks to deal with survival problems, as well as pictures, videos, and quotes from the Bear man. Finally, there are some quizzes to keep things interesting.

The Witcher: Versus

The Witcher: Versus for the iPhone is an interesting little beast of a game. Based upon the PC and console title, The Witcher: Versus started out as a stat-based browser MMO. It’s a dueling game, and while there aren’t many flashy visual effects, it is engrossing. EA is porting The Witcher: Versus to the iPhone while allowing allowing for cross-compatibility with browser-based players. Basically, it’s The Witcher: Versus on the go, and fans of the game will certainly want to pick it up.

Sky Combat

The game I enjoyed most for the iPhone and iPad was Sky Combat. A vertical shoot-’em-up, players control their Apache helicopter, combat boat and Humvee by dragging their finger across the screen while dodging enemies and enemy fire. Like most shooters, items and upgrades can be collected. Sky Combat doesn’t look like it’s going to shake up the SHMUP genre, but it could certainly scratch that shooter itch for fans of these games.