E3 2012: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD preview

What the fans want, the fans get – that’s seemingly the motto for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. For the first time in years, fans will be able to once again play their coveted skateboarding title, re-mastered and re-imagined for XBLA and PSN. We were able to get our hands on the upcoming game for an extensive look at what it has to offer, and are you in for a treat.

When we picked up the Xbox 360 controller and stepped into our kiosk, one word came to mind: nostalgia. We were set-up with an indoor-back alley level from the original Pro Skater, featuring a number of obstacles such as boxes and pipes. Every detail was specifically noted making HD a true remake.

Old school Tony Hawk fans and newcomers alike will quickly appreciate Robomodo’s focus on the game’s controls. HD is an accessible title that offers countless rewards for “mastering your trade.” Simplistic ollies eventually become full out, mind-blowing 360 kick-flips that are landed with ease; essentially, you get in what you get out. 

Pro Skater HD

While nostalgia is intuitive, it’s not necessarily lasting. In reality, remakes are sold or passed up because of their graphical advancements. Thankfully, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD looks marvelous compared to the original two titles, rightly so. We did notice a few bugs in terms of our character’s limbs disappearing into walls, though, but overall, HD ran quite smooth and at an exciting pace.

Our trick mode only lasted a few minutes, but by the time we put the controller down, it was clear that we missed everything about the original Pro Skater, and that’s exactly how a remake should make you feel. For fifteen bucks, the title will offer hours of skating fun across dozens of fan-favorite levels. Add-in some crazy achievements/trophies and you have yourself a hit summer, downloadable title.