E3 2012: Quantum Conundrum preview

Kim Swift’s project, after leaving Valve, is arguably the successor to the highly successful PortalQuantum Conundrum is a first-person platform puzzler that has the madness and clever puzzles similar to the Portal series.  Screw a portal gun though; we’re playing with dimensions now.  Once you are in control of weight, time, and gravity… all is possible and all will be tested.

You play as a preteen boy who is visiting your inventor uncle’s house when everything goes wrong and suddenly you are trying to rescue him.  There will be humorous dialogue throughout the game to enjoy.  Alongside your allies, the interdimensional kinetic entity (IKE) and a replication machine (DOLLY), no dimensional puzzle is out of reach.

For an example of what to expect out of gameplay for Quantum Conundrum, imagine if you will a single safe and an expansive chasm.  The safe is metal and too heavy to lift.  Enter the light weight dimension (fluffy) and now you can both pick up and toss the safe with ease.  There is still the whole giant chasm problem though.  Once the safe is thrown, apply the slow motion dimension and you can easily jump on it.  Sure now the safe is heavy again but the momentum from the throw is already a go.  The only problem is you are falling.  This is where reverse gravity comes in.  The momentum still pushes you forward but now you are heading upward.  By toggling reverse gravity on and off you can surf the safe to the other side.  Yea.

So that blew my mind.  Personally, I’m very much looking forward to Quantum Conundrum.  If you are a fan of the science puzzle genre, this game is definitely something to pick up.  Speaking of buying it, you can get it now on Steam for 10% off.  Pre-purchase it for $13.49 or for $17.99 which comes with the soundtrack and two future DLCs.  Quantum Conundrum comes out in 10 days on June 21st.  Or check it out when it releases on consoles later this summer.