E3 2012: Enemy Front preview

City Interactive is doing bigger and better things with their up and coming titles. With the use of CryEngine 3 technology, City Interactive has some fresh ideas that will finally see the light. And one of those games to come out in Q1 or Q2 of 2013 as a new IP called Enemy Front.

Enemy Front is a game set during World War II with you playing a U.S. soldier trapped behind enemy lines trying to survive. Instead of focusing on big battles from World War 2 and doing some of the same stuff as other games have, the company took a different route and focused on smaller more intimate battles. One mission even leads you to Hitler’s bunker.

This game does not stress the run-and-gun method; in fact avoiding enemies is sometimes better than engaging. You are a lone wolf. Picking your battles carefully instead of gunning is the best way to stay alive.

The preview I was shown was pre-alpha software and it was already looking good. The game has a very minimalistic hud, that only shows some vital information, but leaves the rest of the screen open to the action.

The game is going to feature 25 historically accurate weapons which you will find along the way. At first glance, the sights on the weapons were small and looked difficult to sight effectively, but again, the game was in pre-alpha software, so this can easily be fixed down the road.

Your hero, packed with awesome stereotypical American one liners, will travel through Europe trying to survive in France, Poland, and Germany. With most of the shooter games moving forward from the older wars and setting their games in more futuristic wars, Enemy Front is a breath of fresh air from the lasers and plasma grenades.

Keep your eye on this awesome World War 2 game and stay tuned here at GameZone for more details when they are released.