Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM – PS3 – Preview

E3 2007 Preview

It’s no
secret that the Dynasty Warriors franchise was growing tiresome on PlayStation
2. All you have to do is pick up the last four iterations and you’ll know that
it was time for KOEI to move on. 

did we know that the move KOEI needed to make was easier than it appeared. The
current generation’s power was no longer cutting it, but when the developer
teamed up with Namco Bandai for a Gundam collaboration, they found that the
series had new life in the next generation. Graphics alone weren’t the only
thing to praise. In fact, as impressive as they are, they are second to the
vastly improved gameplay. 

Case in
point: if you loved Dynasty Warriors once, now is the time to come back to the

Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM PlayStation 3 screenshots

Uninhibited Action 

commander of a Mobile Suit from the original Gundam series, I jumped into the
game and began my journey of destruction. Dozens of enemy suits surrounded the
area, with many more in the distance, and several more further away but
appearing on my radar. The basic controls are the same as the other Dynasty
Warriors games, but this time everything feels so much bigger and more powerful
– and more in-depth. 

increase in frame rate, the number of suits allowed on screen, and the larger
and more varied environments have allowed the developers to create a much more
immersive action game. Whereas before I’d describe Dynasty Warriors as a game of
repetitive hack-n-slash action, the Gundam edition is closer to an arcade game:
it’s polished, easy to jump into, and doesn’t suffer from the flaws that have
given the genre a bad name. 

Gundams have the ability to jump high into the air and hover for a short
distance. You can attack immediately after landing, or use the technique to
avoid enemies altogether. This is a first for the Dynasty Warriors series – the
best its human warriors could do in past games was jump a few feet forward and

Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM PlayStation 3 screenshots

story mode is divided by character and is said to last anywhere from 45 minutes
to an hour per character. The show floor was too loud to make out the music, but
my ears did catch a few of the sound effects, which were excellent and came
directly from the Gundam universe. 

No one
buys a next-gen console for current-gen visuals, and that’s not something you
have to worry about here. Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM is positively gorgeous. The
mobile suits look better than ever running on PS3 hardware. This is actually the
first time I’ve played a Gundam game that caused me to stop for a second just to
take in the sights. Enemies don’t mesh together or get lost in the background.
They come rushing in large numbers, and each one stands out as a distinct unit. 

a trip to planet Earth this August, Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM looks to revitalize
an old franchise while breathing new life into the world of mobile suits.

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