Drake of the 99 Dragons – XB – Preview

E3 2003 – Hands On

Majesco showed off Drake to me at E3, which was one of the neatest looking
cell shaded games I have seen in a while. Basically, take a vampire looking dude
with some wicked two handed weapons and toss him in an enemy infested gothic
surrounding … and it goes from there in a good way.

Drake implements some really nifty abilities into this little action romp.
First off, he does have the power to slowdown time around him to help in
targeting, timing jumps, etc. In addition, he also can actually back time up to
an extent. For example, if he were running near the end of a ledge leaping and
firing to shatter a window to enter and missed the ledge, you can actually back
up and correct a part of the jump to help you get where you need to go. The cell
shading is also looking really good at this point, and implements a technique
into the cell shading called "Self Illumination". His cape is jet
black, but the lighting will move and shift based around where he goes in the
environment. He also has the ability to run on walls and target multiple enemies
at once with a different gun in each hand, like a machine gun and a pistol.
Overall, it’s looking really good so far for Drake for his Fall 2003 release on
XBox and PC, including a comic book coming out soon.