Dragon Nest E3 Demonstration

Kinetic and Beautiful. Those are the two words Nexon is using to describe Dragon Nest, their upcoming MMO that is set to offer a whole different experience than their last few MMOs such as Dungeon Fighter Online and Maple Story.

Supporting four character classes split into ranged (archer/sorceress) and melee (cleric/warrior), Dragon Nest plays out more like a shooter than a traditional-RPG due to the inclusion of automatically targeting foes and then firing away actions to pair up skills for combos. Working in unison with teammates is essential for players to work as the action is fast-paced and often chaotic on the battlefield, even with the cartoonish graphics and monsters.

The particular art style that has been chosen was done so to help it look drastically different than its brothers and sisters from Nexon. It may be a light affair, but the combat has simplicity and frantic action mixed in. With loot to be obtained after a battle, Dragon Nest may look like a dungeon crawler, especially with the random dungeons that are being presented. But be rest assured, it’s an action-RPG from beginning till end.

Dragon Nest is planned for an early 2011 release after Vindictus, Nexon’s other superb upcoming MMO, releases and has all its kinks worked out post-launch.