Dissidia Final Fantasy – PSP – Preview

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Dissidia Final Fantasy is one PSP
title that fans of the franchise have undoubtedly focused their attentions on.
Combining classic heroes and villains from every Final Fantasy game, Dissidia
features a compelling mix of action-RPG based gameplay and deep story elements
that will keep fans entertained and enthused. Square-Enix had a playable build
of the game available at this year’s E3, and the results were what fans would
hope for; solid gameplay with great art direction and the characters that we all
know and love.

The game offers 22 different
characters from the Final Fantasy universe, with one hero and one villain making
an appearance from each entry in the series (XI and XII each only get one
character, a hero and a villain respectively). The characters from earlier Final
Fantasy games have been updated with new art direction to reflect modern
graphical enhancements, and are pretty damn cool as a result. The game’s story
follows a struggle between forces of Chaos and Cosmos, thrusting the characters
into a common fight between good and evil.

Each character in the game will have
their own set storyline, including their own antagonists to face off against.
The action puts players on a three-dimensional map, with the specific goal of
lowering their opponent’s HP gauge to zero. While the game shares many mechanics
with the fighting game genre, it really has more to do with an action-RPG like
Kingdom Hearts in terms of general feel.

The North American version will
feature a bonus Arcade mode, which is a straightforward action mode that lets
them take on another Final Fantasy character whenever they want. Additionally,
there is an ad-hoc mode that lets players download a friend’s ghost in their
copy of the game.

DIssidia Final Fantasy is turning
out to be a solid action title that gives players some truly awesome looking
battles. Look for it this August.

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