Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure – XB – Preview

E3 2003 – First Look

When we think of skateboarding, the first
names that come to mind usually are not Tarzan, Woody, or Buzz from Disney’s
more recent movie lineup. Usually, we think of … who else … Tony Hawk. He’s
had a great series of fun and addictive skating titles out, and who better than
to take on a Disney skateboarding project than the original developers of the
series? Activision is looking to change our thinking on "who’s the best skater
around" with Disney’s Extreme Skate.

This game will actually use the Tony Hawk
engine that we all know and love, but add in characters from Disney movies that
both grown ups and kids will recognize. For example, the elephant from Tarzan
was riding his own little bamboo board and grinding it up while Woody was
ripping it up on Hot Wheels tracks scattered around Andy’s room. The graphics
were already looking good, with toys, environments, and objects being brightly
colored and placed just enough for you to pull off lots of cool tricks and
combos. There’s also a create a player mode that’s added in for additional fun
for all.

Keep an eye out for Disney Extreme Skate
around August 2003.