Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – PS2 – Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

I was looking through this month’s Game Informer
magazine, and it lists Disgaea as one of the top ten most underrated RPG titles.
For anyone who has played the original, I’m sure that they will agree with me
that the statement made is in fact very true. Atlus was showcasing a few games
at this year’s E3 show, one of which is Disgaea 2 which for many of you who
enjoyed the first one will no doubt be one that you will be looking for when it
hits on the PS2 around September of this year.

Disgaea 2 again will drop the player into a
brightly colored, anime game which emphasizes not only exploration, but will
place the characters into a turn based strategy battle format when they come
across an enemy encounter. If you don’t feel like playing the story mode, you
will also have the option to play a quick battle, maybe to work on your tactics,
or go into the item world which allows you in the game to fight demons found
within an item and capture it.

There are some new options which have been added
into the sequel to help give fans of the original some new things to work with.
For starters, you can now pick up and throw or stack other characters to help
with certain strategies. For example, stack all of your characters on top of one
another if you encounter a particularly tough foe, and you will get to utilize
each one of their attacks in a combo like format. Secondly, if you continuously
do “bad things” (since you can pick which direction you want to go) you will be
summoned to the Dark Court, which is found in the item world. The more bad
things you do, the more evil powers will be given to you. Lastly, there is also
a “Dark Sun” which hovers above the world which may allow enemies to sacrifice
themselves and become even more powerful. Add that with the fact that some of
them will be able to move in a teleport fashion from one geopanel to another
means that the strategy in the game can change around on you at any time.

Disgaea 2 will also add in a lot of new features,
like using a cell phone to call in more allies or order pizzas for health just
to name a couple, and since it is using all of the things that made it popular
to begin with and just adding in new options to make it a little better means
that those of you who enjoyed the first one should definitely keep and eye out
for this one when its released.


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