Devil May Cry 4 – PS3 – Preview

E3 2007 Preview


soul-sucking, devils who might shed a tear – it’s just another day in the life
of Dante, your neighborly demon-slaughtering anti-hero. He’s back with a similar
arsenal of weapons, combos, and single-hit attacks as before, plus new ways of
inflicting pain on the world’s second most gruesome creatures. (The first most
gruesome are found in Resident Evil and Silent Hill.)


Devil May Cry 4’s mechanics appear to be the same as the
last time we saw Dante with the addition of a user-controlled camera system. By
pushing the right analog stick, players will be able to adjust the view
on-the-fly, just as they did in the creepy and remarkable Dead Rising.


Devil May Cry 4 PlayStation 3 screenshots


worlds are noticeably bigger, more so in size than scope, but definitely on par
with most of the upper-echelon titles in development for PlayStation 3. Dante
looks fantastic on next-gen hardware, sporting more detail and realistic
textures (hair, clothing, weapons, etc.) than were possible in his last


moves will be partially based on the act of launching enemies into the air, the
time in the game when they are most vulnerable to successive attacks. Swordplay
and gunfire effects and animations are instantly recognizable – Dante may be a
few years older but he’s not about to change his ways.


Devil May Cry 4 PlayStation 3 screenshots


lighting, coloring and art style follow the same dark path as before, but with
more visual depth and a greater number of simultaneous characters that are being
pushed onto the screen. Some enemies are larger, but before you get to any of
those new challenges, the buildings will stand out for their beauty and for
their gigantic size. Not all areas will accessible from the start. There may be
a fence or some other obstacle preventing Dante from going where no demon hunter
has gone before. But you can bet that the final game, due in stores before the
end of the year, will be crawling with enemies and passageways – both hidden and
obvious – around every corner.


May Cry 4 is coming to Xbox 360, but its E3 demonstration was reserved for
PlayStation 3. Based on the identical graphics of other next-gen titles in
development (such as Assassin’s Creed, which is equally breathtaking on both
consoles), you can be certain that Capcom is doing everything in its power to
ensure the 360 edition is just as beautiful.