Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 – 360 – Preview

E3 2006
First Look Preview

The first thing to notice in this game is the lack
of “beach volleyball” in the title. This is probably intentional, as the game
no longer focuses on just volleyball and dress-up. While the previous title
incorporated volleyball, you also spent plenty of time away from the sand
court. This time around they give you more reasons to interact with the girls
of Dead or Alive. A few examples include; jet skiing, water slides, photo
shoots, tug-of-war, playful wrestling, and some relaxing sun bathing on the


The main selling points of this game are the
graphics and the girls. The sunny island setting makes for a bright and
colorful looking game. The physics used to animate the well endowed women is
very over the top. While the volleyball play still looks aggressive, the rest
of the beach mini-games are all very playful and jiggly, I mean giggly. This
is ironic, since these are the same vixens that kick major butt in the DOA
fighting games. Something about the sand and the sun, or the tight bikinis
relaxes them.


Until I can get some hands-on time with the game,
it’s hard to judge if the game play will even come close to the high quality
of the graphics and overall scenery of the experience. Fans of the first game
should enjoy the 2nd Extreme title. If there is any depth to the other
mini-games, then more people could have an excuse to enjoy this beautiful
experience beyond just ogling at the women.

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