Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand – GBA – Preview

E3 2003 – First


Boktai is a new
adventure RPG from Konami coming out for the Game Boy Advance. You play as a
young vampire hunter seeking out evil in dark dungeons and castles. In the game,
light is your main weapon.


The most unique
feature of the game is how much light affects the game…and I mean real light.
Boktai requires that you actually charge up your light meter in the game using
light from the real world. Since you are battling vampires, light plays an
important factor in battle. That game will actually change depending on what
time of day you play the game.


Konami was running
a trailer of the game at their booth at E3, and the graphics look great. The
trailer was pretty funny, actually, and followed the chronicles of two young
boys playing Boktai. They’re playing the game indoors, and on their way through
the dungeon they charge up their light gauge in the game. Once they reach the
lead vampire and are read y to fight him, they notice they don’t have enough
light power. Soon, they are rushing for the exit with Game Boy in hand desperate
to reach the sunlight. Once outside, they hold the Game Boy to the sun just in
time for the battle with the vampire.


I’m not sure how
it works, but holding your Game Boy in the sunlight will give you power in the
game. Sounds like an interesting concept to me. Look for Boktai: The Sun Is In
Your Hand this September.