Bioshock 2 – PS3 – Preview

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The world of Rapture is
returning in a whole new fashion that screams for a more action-packed title.
Now allowing gamers the ability to play as Big Daddy – the most recognized face
from this hot franchise – Bioshock 2 is going to have gamers at the edge
of their seat as they embark through the creepy world of Rapture.

No longer playing as the
protagonist (Jack) from the first title, players will gain control as the
prototype Big Daddy that has the ability to run faster, use different weapons
and hit harder than any other Big Daddy ever seen before. Having to make
important choices when it comes to the life or death of Little Sisters,
Bioshock 2
is promising to unfold its story from a whole new perspective.

Never one to let Big
Daddy get all the credit, the Big Sister is now showing her not-so-lovely face
as she attempts to turn Rapture back into the murderous world it was before Jack
left to the surface 10 years ago. Serving as a sequel, the single-player
campaign will showcase traces of what Jack left behind and push the franchise in
an entirely new direction.

This direction includes
the attempt to provide a multiplayer experience, which is being made exclusively
by Digital Extremes. The multiplayer is serving as a prequel of sorts to the
original Bioshock as it occurs one year prior to the events that Jack
lived through. Having done the PlayStation 3 version of Bioshock, the
multiplayer is on the right path of having an immersive experience to provide to

Thrust into a civil war
in Rapture, players will choose sides as they enroll with Sinclair Solutions, a
product testing company that are war profiteers. Every player will have their
own apartment to customize their own character and choose from a variety of
different characters. This hub is optional as gamers could skip right over it
and set their multiplayer experience from the option menu.

Presenting a Free-For-All
match, a wide assortment of weapons and plasmids were shown. From the new Winter
Blast to the old Electric Shock, the plasmids are available all the time for
gamers to strategize a one-two punch against their enemies by stunning them and
then shooting them with their weapon. Retooled and rebalanced, the multiplayer
component will feature leaderboards, no mini-games whatsoever to hack turrets
(rather it’s time based), the chance for one player to play as Big Daddy, 10
player support, 10 multiplayer maps, a leveling system (up to 20), and three
game modes (FFA, Team Deathmatch and a TBA mode).

Releasing simultaneously
for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Bioshock 2 will hit store shelves
this holiday season.


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