Battle Engine Aquila – PC – Preview

Encore Software’s
BATTLE ENGINE AQUILA was released earlier this year by Atari for the XBOX
and PS2.  Generally well-received by the gaming community, Encore struck up an
agreement with Lost Toys to publish the PC version.  BATTLE ENGINE AQUILA
is a futuristic shooter that puts players at the helm of the most advanced war
machine ever created. 


Armed with a
variety of weapons such as pulse cannons, micro missiles, spread bombs, it’s
your task to protect the planet Allium from the hostile rebel forces, the
Muspell.  You take on the role of Hawk Winter, a forklift driver who is
recruited by the Forseti military to pilot its new combat machine.  And if that
isn’t enough for you, Allium’s polar ice caps are melting leading to higher
water level and game play value.


Just like most
MECH games, combat takes place on the ground and air.  Though many gamers will
be compelled to leave the ground immediately, flying low and fiercely firing on
enemy units and targets brings a rush that can only be imitated with a liter of
Red Bull.  


But what’s a
futuristic shooter game without an incredible arsenal?  Each weapon has its own
unique capabilities.  Micro missiles offer spread fire with lock-on aim, Vulcan
cannons serve to dismember the individual enemy units, and with the right
placement of a grenade near the infantry, prepare to see the bodies fly!


You can modify
your support team to include wingmen, ally troops, tanks, and air and sea
crafts.  Similar to the weapons, each ally brings to the table something
different to the missions you must accomplish.  Constant radio transmissions
from your allies also keep you focused on the task at hand.


There are more
than 40 missions available to play, depending on completion of secondary
objectives.  There are also “EVO” versions of every mission, which are
significantly harder and present new challenges. 


The branching
storyline brings multiple post-battle cut scenes and multiple endings.  For
those who pass on console shooter games because of the troublesome handling, the
PC version has the classic “mouse and keyboard” scheme for easy control.


There are several
game modes that should keep you busy for a while.  The modes include
Single-Player, Co-Op, Skirmish, Versus, and Multiplayer.  Multiplayer uses one
PC with split-screen and separate controls.


The game brings
the best out of your graphics card, optimized to take advantage of its
performance capabilities.  The constant flow of MECH craft, effects, and
environmental activity is a welcoming addition to the sounds of warfare that
will boom through your speakers.


comes out this holiday season for approximately $40.