Arc Rise Fantasia – WII – Preview

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Traditional Japanese role-playing games are coming to the Wii in what publisher
XSEED terms the “first traditional turn-based RPG” for the next-gen console

Arc Rise Fantasia is from the team that was responsible for Luminous Arc, and
aims to combine stellar graphics with modern gameplay innovations.

The game utilizes the trinity action battle system whereby each character of the
party draws from the same action points gauge for strategic energy allocation,
which allows a single character to string multiple attacks or members of the
group to perform powerful combination attacks.

The story line seems to be fairly in line with many other games. The world of
Fulheim is sustained through the use of a luminescent technology known as ‘reys,’
the source of all magical energy. The order and peace of the empire of Meridia
is threatened when outside creatures begin to show up and contaminate the air
and world. Two key characters rise to the challenge of finding a way to defeat
the contaminant creatures, a soldier of the imperial army named L’arc and Als,
the second prince of Meridia.

There are actually six total characters available for play in the game, and they
can be organized into adventuring groups of up to three players. There will be
times, though, when players will find themselves in a dungeon and will have to
split the characters into two parties of three each.

Promising an epic storyline, the game also attempts to create a situation where
each battle has a unique feel to it.

Arc Rise Fantasia is expected to release to retailers in January of 2010.


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